Covid Secure Certification™

A certification to be trusted by business and consumers

Silver Falcon Medical – Our unique and first in the world – Covid Secure Certification

We aim to create for you a safe and secure environment, at your business, work place, when you travel, out shopping or when you dine out.

CSC™ can help your organisation to continue to do business with minimal effect and downtime.

Covid Secure Certification – CSC™ – Is the world’s first Certification for SME, Medium and Large organisations.

Our team of medical experts will help develop your CSC™  / Pandemic policies.

We have a adapted a range of policies and procedures for all types of businesses. Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Restaurants, Care homes, Medical/Dental practices, Education establishments, Airlines, Taxi’s, Automotive Industry, Sales show rooms, Telecommunication operators, Oil & Gas industries are just a few, where we strongly believe our services would be beneficial. Reducing your companies downtime due to pandemic outbreaks and getting you back to business.

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Our medical experts will review and develop your CSC™  / pandemic policies


Creating the best strategy for you


Implementing and deploying these strategies to minimise your organisations downtime

Helping to build a better world